Cooking oil is one of the things we use in preparing various foods daily. In fact, cooking oil is more often than not included in our daily consumption. The everyday use of cooking oil/grease also brings us to the issue of proper disposal. Improper disposal of the fats from our cooking is bad for our surroundings, not to mention, illegal. This usually starts in the home. There are many instances when waste cooking oil is dumped in the sink. This grease passes through the pipes and, in the long run, causes the plumbing systems to clog.

Grease traps are highly effective in preventing kitchen grease and food waste material from entering local sewer systems. Without, grease traps can clog sanitary sewer lines, eventually leading to the discharge of untreated wastewater into facilities, streets and local waterways restricting recreation, tourism and commerce. Traps must be regularly maintained and periodically cleaned to prevent costly and dirty back-ups or over-flows.

AA Plumbing and Drain Cleaning cleans and evacuates 100% of the grease trap content, scraping the walls and power washing the bottom, sidewalls, pipes, and baffles with each service. Doing so ensures the interceptor and the pipes leading to it are well maintained and in compliance with local regulations and industry best practices.

If your home or business needs grease trap installation, repair, or evacuation give AA Plumbing and Drain Cleaning today!